How white will my teeth go?

The main factor determining how white someones teeth will go is the mineral content in the teeth. Everybody has a different mineral content thats why we generally see results of between 4-12 shades.

Does it hurt or cause sensitivity?

No. The gels we use are regulated by the Irish Medicine Board and are EU Compliant Guaranteeing you a pleasant pain free experience.

How long does it last?

Typically 6-18 months depending on lifestyle factors. We can get you to a certain level of whiteness but it is up to you to maintain this level. Thats why we offer great post-treatment take-home kits at unbeatable prices.

Is it harmful to teeth?

No, as mentioned above the gels we use are 100% safe.

How It Works

To simplify, We apply our advanced teeth whitening gels to the top layers of your teeth. Our Advanced Laser Teeth Whitening Machine operates at 480-520 nanometres of blue light. This light is at the optimum level for accelerating the gels – resulting in amazing whitening results in 1 Hour!
As mentioned above, our gels are 100% safe, pain and sensitivity free.

Post Treatment

We strongly advise all our customers to avail of our aftercare take-home products. This is why we have reduced the price of them when bought in our Premium and Deluxe Packages.

We can get your teeth to a certain level, typically 4-12 shades whiter than what they were. Our after-care products when used will maintain these result and greatly prolong the duration of the results.

The tubules in your teeth will remain open for 24 hours after the treatment. So this is when you start using your take home kit, after this 24 hours has elapsed. Use it for 3 days in a row and then as needed.

The White Diet:
For 24 hours after the treatment the tubules in you teeth will remain open. This is why its very important to stick to what we call ‘The White Diet’.
So for 24 hours post treatment, don’t wear lipstick and avoid foods such as coffee, red wine, curry and as a good rule of thumb, if would stain a white shirt – Avoid It.


All our gels and aftercare products are regulated by The Irish Medicines board and are fully EU Compliant. The gels we use also featured on the RTE 1 Consumer Show. Such compliance guarantees you a pain and sensitivity free experience. All our procedures are carried out by fully trained technicians.